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 Slab Rollers
Jumbo 40 slab roller
Jumbo 40 slab roller
Jumbo 63 slab roller
Jumbo 63 slab roller
Jumbo 85 slab roller
Jumbo 85 slab roller
A slab roller is a valuable machine which helps the ceramist in revealing new dimensions of ceramic creations.

The smooth and steady rolling of our machines is a result of smart roller holder design with a system of self-lubricating ball-bearings, rollers, roller tracks, spindle and steel cable.

Even a tough piece of clay can easily be rolled out into a slab due to the large roller diameter and the good grip of the wheel to move the roller over the table. This way of smooth rolling forces the clay into a well moulded homogenous slab and helps to prevent cracks in the slabs during the drying and firing.

The thickness of the slab to be rolled out can be selected by the choice of included rolling boards with different thickness.

Design and its simplicity in use makes Roderveld slab rollers a valuable addition to any studio!

There are 3 different models :
the Jumbo 85; working table: 130 x 85 cm;
the Jumbo 63; working table: 125 x 63 cm and
the Jumbo Junior 40; working table: 95 x 40 cm.

The first two models are often used in the industry, at academies and schools and by ceramists who make large pieces of work.

The small version, the Jumbo Junior (bench model without legs), can be used on a table and can easily be stowed away when not in use. This model is mounted on soft pads to hold it from slipping away during use. It turns out to be a welcome solution for the smaller studio.