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Clay extruder, including 5 standard dies
Clay extruder, including 5 standard dies
The clay extruder is a simple but ingenious operating piece of equipment for the ceramist who needs clay coils, handles and tubes for his/her creations.

The extruder barrel is filled with clay and a smooth downwards pressure on the lever extrudes the clay through a chosen die plate at the bottom of the barrel, resulting in coils, traces or round, square or octagon shaped tubes. The barrel holds approximately 4 kg of clay.

For more intricate use of the extruder Roderveld designed a die set to make hollow extrusions.Use these dies to extrude hollow round, octagonal and square shapes.
Round tubes: 80-70-60-50-40-30 mm
Square tubes: 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 mm
Octagon tubes: 80 - 70 mm

The cutting/removing tools are valuable components in completing the extrusion process. The function of these tools are to cut and remove large scale extrusions accurately and effectively.
Extrusion set hollow form dies Extrusion set hollow form dies