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 Pyramid 240 gas kiln

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  • Pyramid 240 gas kiln
    The pyramid gas kiln
    The kiln is especially suitable to experiment with all kind of reduction-techniques. Everything has its own effects and because of the fact that the firing routes of the gas kiln can be regulated exactly, it can easily be repeated. Although very suitable for Raku firing, the gas kiln can also be used for other firing techniques as well. Fast biscuit firing for instance: You may achieve 1000°C in just 75 minutes. But you may fire very slowly as well when the pieces of work are not completely dry yet. The oxidation firing can also be done very good, by firing very quiet, keeping the kiln closed and cooling it off again. The same method can be applied for luster firing at 800°C

    In short the pyramid gas kiln is flexible to applying different techniques at different locations due to the exact regulation of gas supply and relative light weight (2 times 45 kg) of the 135 liter kiln.

    Because of its and fast temperature increase and therefor a low energy consumption, the pyramid gas kiln is very suitable for just one piece firing. Especially ideal for last minute jobs!

    More details of the pyramid gas kiln
    The upper part of the gas pyramid kiln is the same as the upper part of the wood kiln. The firing room of gas kiln differs from the wood kiln, because of the different energy sources. The gas firing room consists of a undercarriage on legs made of steel, which is lined with lightweight insulating stones.

    The gas kiln is heated with a burner, which is placed below the under part of the kiln and its flame comes into the kiln through the burner opening. The hot flame is caught by a special flame shelve, which spread the heat to avoid cracking of the upper kiln shelve.

    The burner is fuelled by propan gas provided by 2 gas cylinders, which are hose connected via a precise pressure regulator. An extra safety device against hose damage and flame flaring ensures maximum security.