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 MAX Red 60

  • Info
  • Technical Specification
  • MAX Red 60
    The design
    • Ø 34 cm wheel head.
    • Massive 14 mm aluminium wheel head.
    • Height level of turntable is adjustable, 52 cm up to 62 cm.
    • Spacious tabletop with detachable aluminium splash guard (Max Red).
    • Fixed stainless steel splash guard with drain (Max White) with protecting strip at the operating site of the guard.
    • Legs are detachable.

    • Reliable AC-powered motor.
    • Splash-safe, sealed motor housing.
    • Electronically controlled; designed with the use of the latest technology and know-how.

    • Movable foot pedal, with a generous length of cable controls the speed from 0 - 240 revolutions per minute.
    • Smooth and steady changes in speed.
    • Remains spinning at the set speed even without foot pressure.
    • Direction of rotation can be set.
    • Emergency stop safety button.
    • Drive system on the motors of the MAX. 60 and MAX. 100 uses a worm wheel gearbox for delivery of constant spinning power when working with large masses of clay.

    Strong and reliable
    The 14 mm thick, aluminium wheel head is mounted on a heavy, 25 mm, stainless steel shaft. The shaft is held in position by 2 sets of high quality self-lubricating ball bearings located within sealed houses, preventing damage or corrosion by water or clay. The wheel is designed for sustainable use, even continuous in hard circumstances. Every MAX has been extensively tested before leaving the factory. Motor durability tests are part of the quality control.

    2 years on defects in materials or workmanship.